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Website Development
SEO Migration
Paid Search

The Challenge:

As major online retailers increased competition for individual-owned businesses in the mid 2010’s,’s sales started to decline. In partnering with, we discovered flaws in functionality and unappealing appearances, due to an outdated online retail platform. The user experience as convoluted by cluttered page layouts, and instruments were organized in categories that did not align with the way potential customers were using search engines to find banjos for sale. These shortcomings were undoubtedly limiting’s customers’ experience and arresting potential conversions.

The Strategy:

Stell partnered with the new owner of to redefine goals and restructure strategy around his refreshed company mission. From an initial “big-picture” view, we then worked backwards to bring every detail into place in an evolving digital space.

We migrated the site onto the WordPress platform to take advantage of modern eCommerce features. In our massive overhaul of the site, branding was simplified and with it, the appearance of the online storefront. By regrouping instruments into user-friendly category names, we improved the accessibility of the inventory, appealing to beginner banjoists and professionals alike.


In order to take advantage of the powerful domain name and its existing backlink profile, we decided to shift the keyword strategy away from Bluegrass to more broadly embody the vast range of banjos available. Best-selling product pages took on unique product descriptions from the manufacturers to boost organic rankings.


Over 5,000 URLs were 301-redirected to appropriate product pages with SEO friendly names and the site was relaunches. The Stell team launched customized Google Search, Display, & Shopping paid-search campaigns to increase exposure. We continuously measure results, with a dynamic strategy and continues to serve, keeping it relevant in a constantly evolving market.

Conversion Rate

Improve UI/UX - 67% increase in conversion rate (YoY)


301 redirect broken links


160% increase in sales (YoY)

The Results:

With the improvement in conversion rate and traffic from both organic and paid channels, the website saw a YoY increase in sales of 160% during year one with Stell. Sales have continued to increase throughout our four-year partnership. has remained one of the top online sellers of banjos even while competing against global online retailers.