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Benchmark Contracting

Website Development
Marketing Funnels

The Challenge:

Benchmark services two distinct types of clients: residential and commercial. It was important that the website appeal to both types of clients.

Converting prospects to clients depends heavily on the presentation of completed projects. The site would need to accommodate large images and video.

The Strategy:

A company’s website is often the customer’s first interaction with that business; we wanted the online browsing experience to reflect the thorough and seamless process of building or renovating with Benchmark. The projects were divided into two distinct sections of the website, one for residential projects and the other commercial. Project pages were also tagged with keywords to align with more specific web searches, such as “bathroom renovations.” We designed the site navigation to make it easy for users to find the content pertaining to their interests and then connected contact links to facilitate next steps.

Content Organization

Separate content into residential and commercial sections.


Download available to visitors who input name and email address; lead capture.


Sales copy with a brand focus added to key pages.

The Results:

The website accurately represents Benchmark’s core mission and values. Users can easily find the content that they are looking for. Dynamic call-to-action buttons are placed throughout content to drive conversions.


Even with video and large images, pages are quick to load. Mobile browsing is quick and easy.